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Providing transactional and advisory services on banking products such as real estate finance, etc.

This entails:

  • Providing transactional and advisory services on banking products such as real estate finance, acquisition finance, asset finance, syndicated and bilateral lending, leveraged finance, project finance, securitization and bank loans.
  • Offering debt collection services to Banks and Micro Finance institutions with a dedicated team that is actively involved on day to day.
  • Advising Clients on existing and prospective legislation affecting banks and financial institutions including Capital Markets Authority regulations and Central Bank of Kenya practice, capital adequacy rules, tax compliance and regulation, facility documentation, debentures, security on land, security over assets other than land, security over intellectual property, guarantees and indemnities, liens, pledges, retention of title clauses in contracts for the sale of goods, set-off, debt instruments, subordination and priorities, assignment and participation of loans, rescheduling and standstills, derivatives, equipment leasing and ship finance;
  • Advising Clients on capital markets i.e. securities, bonds, equities, shares, derivatives, commodities, futures and options, foreign exchange, investor finance, financial market regulation, conflict of law rules applicable to shares and bonds, private equity transactions, offshore mutual funds and anti-money laundering enforcement, tax compliance and regulation.

Other Services

In pursuit of providing the highest quality legal services to our clients and achieve client satisfaction, the Firm guarantees that no legal fees shall be payable by our clients where, despite our clients reporting their complaint to us, the quality of our services are found to be wanting by our clients and fall below what is reasonably expected of a competent lawyer or firm of lawyers. The Firm, by means of its client-friendly complaints system, assigns a person to each matter, whom our clients can contact if they have a problem.